SFP’s Old-Timey Song of the Week!


This week’s song comes courtesy of Mother Russia and one of the country’s Germany’s greatest exports of the early 1980s*, Dschinghis Khan.  With the 2014 Sochi Winter Olympics right around the corner, I thought it rather appropriate.

Let’s face it,  the Sochi Winter Olympics remain controversial no matter how you look at them.  From homophobia, to the threat of terrorism, to Putin’s support of neighbouring Ukranian Oligarchs – this Winter Olympiad is steeped with contention.  Hell, the price tag is over ~US$50 BILLION to have the Winter Olympics take place in a region known for palm trees and warmer climates oft enjoyed by rich Russian vacationers; one would think that the money could have better been spent on helping many Russians who I am sure are in need, and won’t be attending any of the events at Sochi.

And don’t even get me started on the Orcas – horrible stuff. (See Blackfish…)

But this isn’t a political blog, it’s about the music, so moving on…

I thought I would harken back to a simpler time, when Russia’s The USSR’s most famous city was (apparently) all about laughter, love, music, disco, and rainbow outfits (the outfit colour scheme is now strangely ironic, yet appropriate given that the Germans are expected to attend Sochi in multi-colour rainbow garb in support of equal/gay rights just because….)

Take it away, Dschinghis Khan!

English Version Here:

Original German Version Here:

Oh, the first time I heard this song was off a Peruvian guy’s USB stick of “American Music” plugged into his car stereo in high-altitude and the middle of nowhere in the mountains of Peru on our way back from a copper project tour (the drive was 8-10 hours and only covered ~110 km of total distance, 4×4 was a must…).  Anyway, thanks That Guy!

*Oh BTW, I’ve heard that German exports have improved dramatically since 1980….Ha ah ah ah ah ah! Hey!

SFP’s Old-Timey Song of the Week!

On a relatively-regular basis I hope to update SFP’s readers with one of those old-timey songs that we all know.  There will be no rhyme or reason to the songs chosen.  And what time period or era that the song is from will also be completely arbitrary and chosen by me…probably nothing beyond 1980.

Without further adieu…SFP”s first Old-Timey Song of the Week:

Runaround Sue by the immortal Dion Dimucci, enjoy!