Best Rap of 2015

Now with Extra Mustard…!


IT’s not an original stressfreeparking revelation that the guy pictured above literally changed the game of hip-hop, rap, and R&B (and pretty much the whole landscape of pop radio) over the past several years…but never more than in 2015 did I find his work so infectious…so in my short list of 130 favourite rap songs of 2015, this guy is everywhere…

Other notable themes this year include the return of that quintessential west coast sound that I’ve always loved (again, partly thanks to stars like Mustard and all the guys he’s put on, YG, Pu$haz Ink etc. and separately, the whole TDE movement).  West Coast is killing right now, and I’m loving it. And while it might have taken me a little longer than most, I did indeed finally Fall in Love with Fetty. Also some returns to prominence of former greats (Dr. Dre, DJ Premier) and some long awaited reunions (JMT!)…It’s all there, every region represented, every sound captured: I did my best to try and leave no stone un-turned.

No particular order with respect the tracks chosen., however I do recommend that you put the tracklist on shuffle – makes the required 8.5 hours of listening that much more enjoyable.  Without further ado, download link is below***:

***Note: To unpack the file above, you WILL NEED Winrar for Windows or RAR Extractor for Mac.


stressfreeparking, stressfreeliving.



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