Best of 2014

After only a brief…ummmmm…. 378-Day hiatus, SFP returns better than ever!


Despite what many are saying out there, 2014 was pretty damn good in terms of music (as far as I’m concerned).  I’ve been reading a lot of things like 2014 sucked for rap (“Hip Hop is Dead” – Again?), but I don’t think that’s correct.  There is honestly too much music to keep up with these days…the internet is FULLY saturated. – and now on any given, day, in any given week or in any given YEAR, I find myself struggling to keep up – often missing entire albums that I wanted to listen to, but never got around to because I was too eager to listen to a new, and more recent album.  For example, I’m still trying to fully get through that new D’Angelo album which is supposed to be the bees knees, but alas, I haven’t gotten to it….yet.  So 2014 was like 2013 where I kept finding myself always forced (albeit with much delight) to catch up with another great album, band, group, song or whatever.Last year, I was able to narrow my favourites down to a Top  90 for Non-Rap songs and Top 70  for Rap (give or take) Songs.  This year, I think I went a little bananas and continued to throw being “choosy” out the window, so the number of songs on my list has expanded yet again – these are big lists..  You’ll most definitely notice that each list will absolutely contain several songs by the same artist, or off the same album: Why? I listened to alot of ALBUMS this year  – and had quite a few artists on repeat…in NR, notably The War on Drugs, Real Estate, Jessie Ware, LDR (still a fan!), Jungle, Robin Schulz, Spoon, RAC (again!), MØ and Broods (amongst many others).  Rap Artist Repeats include favourites such as Kevin Gates, Freddie Gibbs, Vince Staples and Cam’ron.

Once again this year, I did not want to, and maybe even could not bring myself to choose just one song from one artist as I found merits to each an every song chosen from a repeated artist – that way, if you yourself are unfamiliar with an artist, you’ll certainly get a good variety on my list of what they are all about beyond one single track..The way I see it, we all come out on top.  And if you want, just delete the songs you don’t like – make a shortlist from my lists! Knock yourselves out!  Dropbox links to each playlist are below, ENJOY!

stressfreeparking’s Top (96?) Non-Hip Hop Songs of 2014:

stressfreeparking’s Top (81?) Hip-Hip Songs of 2014:

…And speaking of shortlists, stay tuned over the next few days as I provide my Top 5 songs form each list…! Happy Listening. SFP

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