New Music You Should Hear…


Just a quick upload of new tracks that I heard this week, a little all over the map..

First up, Sydney, Australia’s The Preatures.  This group really wowed me last year with their impressive single Is This How You Feel?  They are back in early 2014 with a new single entitled Better Than It Ever Could Be, and I think this song is even more excellent than the last one.  If they continue to release songs of this caliber, than I would expect that this band will no longer stay a secret.  Expect to hear big things from this group over 2014 and beyond…

Second.  Well, that didn’t take long.  One would think Interscope already had this one ready to go.  No, while I think Radioactive is/and always has been catchy as sin – it has still been just a tad overplayed (Is it just me, or does Demons sound extremely similar? I guess that explains it’s choice as single #2).  That aside, kudos to Imagine Dragons and their success this year.

Here’s the thing, I pretty much love everything Kendrick Lamar (and TDE), so I had to include this one.   Furthermore, I completely agree that this was the best performance at Sunday’s 56th Annual Grammy Awards.  Anyway, here’s the official remix of one of last year’s more popular songs.  This one includes the new verse written by Mr. GKMC (Best Rap Album of the Year, sorry Macklemore), and he kills it.  I apologize, however, as I’m sure you weren’t trying to go out of your way to hear Radioactive again.

Finally, and most importantly, I have included the second single of off Broken Bells’ new album After The Disco, aptly title After The Disco.  The album is one of my most anticipated to be released in 2014 as I can’t lie, I think Brian Joseph Burton aka Danger Mouse is an absolute genius.  He’s got the Midas Touch as far as I’m concerned.  I just listened to the free iTunes stream of the album today and it’s so totally sick – it’s met and exceeded my expectations even on the first listen.  While they just released the third single, called Leave It Alone, I actually prefer After The Disco out of the three released so far.  And that’s saying a lot because there isn’t one song on the album I don’t like….

Bonus: TDE’s newest signee Isaiah Rashad put out his first mixtape/album/EP today entitled Cilvia Demo earlier today.  It’s another great effort out of the camp – he truly fits in well with Jay Rock, Ab-Soul, Schoolboy Q and King Kendrick (not to forget SZA).  I expect him to develop over time in the same way as the rest of the members, and if this today’s release is anything to go by, we’re all in good hands going forward.  Trust the TDE, I know I do.


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