Rap You Need To Know Right Now! Kevin Gates and Schoolboy Q

Talk about two guys who couldn’t have more hype heading into 2014. Momentum indeed.

First, Kevin Gates released not just one, but two excellent “mixtapes” last year, if you could call them mixtapes.  The way I see it is that they were both pretty much two excellent ALBUMS.  If you haven’t yet listened to either The Luca Brasi Story or Stranger Than Fiction, stop what you are doing, download these albums FOR FREE and realize you’re listening to one of the best in the game right now.  Baton Rouge, Louisiana: respect.  I’m not going into any of his specific cuts from last year, as I’m here to focus on the now and on the future.

KG has come hard out of the gates in 2014 with recent street single, Don’t Know.  He expertly works autotune without making you roll your eyes. Could this be the song that pushes Gates into the mainstream?  I think it has a chance, but we’ll have to wait and see. If he never blew up and just kept on keeping on, I’d be happy, but that’s selfish so here’s to a successful 2014 for Kevin Gates – if anyone deserves it, he does. I’m expecting a new mixtape album announcement in the near future.

Next, do I really need to inform on you on Schoolboy Q? Didn’t think so.  Surf the web and it will take you NO TIME to find out that Oxymoron is on everyone’s most anticipated album list of the year – look near the top.  Anyway, he’s been patient and waited for Kendrick to shine (and boy did he ever) – and he’s officially the next up out of the (amazing) TDE camp.  His string of singles in 2013 was fantastic (see “Yay Yay,” among others) and it seems that having pushed out the album a few times (now expected on February 25, 2014) has only added fuel the the fire that is Q.  On his most recent single, Break the Bank, he’s teamed up with Alchemist for another street banger.  His best yet? Could be.  But if you need an education, make sure you check out his previous independently released albums Setbacks and Habits and Contradictions.  On to the show!

Oh by the way, here’s the deluxe edition album cover of Oxymoron:


It reminds me a lot of Young Buck’s deluxe edition Straight Outta Cashville album cover released almost 10 years ago (damn!) in August 2004.  I loved that album, so I’m going to take the similarity as a good omen…


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