Concert Night: St. Lucia at The Hoxton


On Thursday January 23rd, I headed out to the house that Kenny built to a St. Lucia performance for the second time in the past 7 months.  The difference this time? Oh about 40°C to the negative. Nevertheless, the frigid temperatures (thanks Polar Vortex) didn’t stop St. Lucia’s ever increasing Toronto fan base from turning out for what turned out to be a great concert.

The last time I saw these guys was at NXNE at Wrongbar, a similar type venue.  It was a Saturday, however and they didn’t go on until midnight.  The crowd, including myself, had certainly had a few drinks at that point – St. Lucia seemed wise to that fact and kept their songs performed in the uptemo category.  The crowd ate it up, and I couldn’t find anyone who wasn’t dancing/jumping/arm-waving etc.

This time around, the band had a significantly deeper repertoire given the release of their/his(?) criminally underrated and overlooked album, When The Night back in September of 2013.  While most of the songs remain uptempo and catchy as shit, the crowd did seem a little bit more subdued this time.  That didn’t last long, by the end there was jumping, there was singing, and above all, general merriment abound.  Thanks to Jean-Philip Grobler and crew, mission accomplished. That said, the concert was fantastic (not epic, mind you), and if you have a chance to see them before they eventually hit the big-time (they were recently on Kimmel and will be soon opening for Foster The People on their upcoming 2014 tour (I’m going to try to make it for this as it will be at Toronto’s legendary Massey Hall)), do so as the tickets are still cheap and St. Lucia’s music is soooo “feel good” and ear-wormy, it can make anyone forget about the Polar Vortex and think they were actually IN St. Lucia.

Also, get your hands on When The Night if you can.  And tell your friends about it. It’s amazing. Here’s a taste if you don’t believe me…

My next concert will be Phosphorescent (Matthew Houck) on February 1st.  While likely to be more subdued, I’m expecting good things…

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