Artist to Watch For 2014: MØ

Over the past year, the music biz has seen no shortage of female vocal talent on the pop music scene.  While it didn’t capture me at first, the recent pioneers for a style that now seems to be ubiquitous on the pop and indie, were modern-day icons like Florence + The Machine and Adele.  The style has started to seriously grow on me over the past 12-18 months and if you had a chance to look my Top 2013 lists you would have noticed that I included names such as London Grammar, MS MR, Vaults, Chvrches and Susanne Sundfør.  In the previous year, you would have for sure seen LDR,Grimes and Purity Ring on the same list there as well.

That said, a new artist who should fit quite well in the arena, and, if all goes well, should make quite a bit of noise in 2014 should be , real name Karen Marie Ørsted, straight out of Denmark. She had released a few singles over the course of 2012-2013 in addition to putting out a short, but quality, four-track EP last year entitled Bikini Daze.  All of this hard work should culminate in the next month or so with her debut album, No Mythologies To Follow, due out on February 24th.

This past weekend, MØ released her first single which proves to be solid, lead-off pop-py single called “Don’t Wanna Dance.” In a short period of time, she’s proven to be more than just another Scandinavian pop-princess and SFP believes she’s an artist to watch for in 2014.

Here’s a couple of her previous more popular singles from last year.

What do you think – is she going anywhere this year?  Feedback and comments always welcome!

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